SDK Brand Uniforms
Karate, Tae Kwon Do 
and Kung Fu

Sei Do Kai
44 Inkerman St.
Guelph Ontario
Canada N1H 3C5

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SDK Supplies is happy to present a line of Canadian made Karate, Kung Fu and Tae Kwon Do uniforms. These are made in Canada and are exceptional quality. The Student-weight uniform is equivalent to some "heavyweight" outfits on the market today.

Karate Student Uniform, set
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These outfits are available in a variety of colours, fabrics and styles. 

Wholesale prices (5 or more uniforms) 30% off!
Email us for wholesale prices and custom orders.

Karate student uniform, jacket

The Jackets are double seamed at stress points.

Karate student uniform, pants

The pants have a large solid gusset in the crotch, and elastic waistband with a drawstring inside for extra security.

In the following price tables you will need to specify the colour of your uniform, and the size.  We use the same sizing as other martial art uniforms, from 000 to 8, but we have only three price ranges. Choose your price range according to type of uniform and click on that paypal button, then fill in the blank to let us know what size and colour you'd like. It is also a good idea to send us an email telling us what you've bought.

Karate or Tae Kwon Do Uniforms
Cotton-Polyester blend, specify size, and colour (black, white, red, blue)

8.5 oz cotton/poly (50/50) size 000-2 (ucp-s) $36
8.5 oz cotton/poly (50/50) size 3-5  (ucp-m) $42
8.5 oz cotton/poly (50/50) size 6-8 (ucp-l) $46

Kung Fu Uniforms
50/50 Blend, specify size and colour (black, white, red, blue)

size 000-2 (ukf-s) $46
size 3-5 (ukf-m) $55
size 6-8 (ukf-l) $60

Heavyweight Karate Uniforms
13 OZ Cotton, specify size and colour (black, white, red, blue)

size 000-2 (uch-s) $100
size 3-5 (uch-m) $114
size 6-8 (uch-l) $135

We also carry coloured, striped and half-belts. 

"It's not exactly full of beautiful models in undies but you might find something you want."

Items from this catalog are sold to support the University of Guelph Sei Do Kai. The Sei Do Kai provides training in Iaido, Kendo, Niten Ichi-ryu Kenjutsu and Shindo Muso Ryu Jodo through classes, seminars and camps.

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