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Uwagi (Iaido) Tops

White Uwagi

Click on the photo for a closer look. These tops are rugged 8 oz cotton/polyester permapress, they will stay good looking for years. They are made in Canada and prices include shipping in North America. Prices are in US dollars.

White Uwagi Small (165cm 5.5 feet tall) $68

White Uwagi Medium (175cm 5.75 feet tall) $68

White Uwagi Large (188cm 6'2" tall, 45" chest) $68

Black Uwagi

Black Uwagi Small (165cm 5.5 feet tall) $68

Black Uwagi Medium (175cm 5.75 feet tall) $68

Black Uwagi Large (188cm 6'2" tall, 45" chest) $68


Hakama front

Cotton/Poly Hakama for iaido or kendo practice. 
These are made in Korea and are good beginner quality uniforms. Indigo blue only.

Small (165cm 5.5 feet tall) $70 

Medium (175cm 5.75 feet tall) $75 

Large (180cm 6.0 feet tall) $80

Prices include shipping in North America

Hakama back

White hakama from Japan

Only while supplies last! Sizes from 23 (86cm) to 29 (110cm) 

We obtained these hakama directly from a shop in Japan that was cleaning out their excess stock of white hakama when one of our students happened to be within earshot. 

Price is $90, includes shipping within North America.


SDK Sageo, Black with red flecks

We supply sageo in several colours and combinations, above is a very nice black with red fleck weave that is 1/2" by 3/16". These sageo are made of spun polyester which has the look of silk and the softer feel of cotton but are quite stiff regardless. We make them roughly 92" long (230 cm) but they can be ordered in other lengths. These are made in Canada.

3 sageo

Here are two more styles (shown with the high bump red fleck for comparison), these are a bit less thick, and are black with gold fleck and black.

Here is a detail of the two different weaves.

High Bump Black and red fleck $30.00 (includes shipping). 

Black and gold fleck $25.00 (includes shipping). 

Black $25.00 (includes shipping). 


obi, click for larger photo

These are my new favourite obi, they are made with slightly stretchy material that have some give, and they are a bit more narrow than the ones I've been using up to now. You may specify length and width as well as colour. As with the uwagi, you may also specify material, custom widths and lengths or send us your material. These are made in Canada by Brenda. 

Small (3.5m, 11.5') $60 each (includes shipping). 

Med (4m, 13') $60 each (includes shipping). 

Large (4.5m, 14.75')  $60 each (includes shipping).  


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